Forane® 410A

Forane® refrigerants for HVACR.

Forane® 410A refrigerant (R-410A) is a non-ozone depleting blend of hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) R-32 and R-125 developed as a replacement refrigerant for air conditioning applications currently designed for (HCFC) R-22. Due to the higher refrigerating capacity and pressures of R-410A, it should not be used as a retrofit refrigerant in R-22 equipment. Forane® 410A refrigerant is used in new residential and commercial air conditioning systems, heat pumps, dehumidifiers and small chillers.

Additional information

CAS number
75-10-5, 354-33-6
Chemical name
Difluoromethane, Pentafluoroethane
Common name


  • Average molecular weight (g/mol) : 72.6
  • Normal boiling point (°F) : -60.6
  • Critical temperature (°F) : 160.4
  • ASHRAE safety group classification : A1
  • Ozone depletion potential (ODP) : 0
  • Global warming potential (GWP) AR5 : 1,924

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