Forane® refrigerants markets

Arkema's Forane® refrigerants can be used in a variety of cooling applications.

Domestic and commercial refrigeration

For domestic refrigeration applications, such as home refrigerators, Forane® 134a is currently the preferred refrigerant for most manufacturers. Forane® 134a provides safe and efficient cooling and is employed in typical home uses, such as refrigerators, wine coolers, and small freezers.


For commercial refrigeration, Arkema provides Forane® 134a, Forane® 407A, and Forane®507A for use in new applications. Forane® 407A can also be used to retrofit existing 404A or 507A equipments. Forane® 427A is the most efficient solution for R-22 retrofitting.


Forane® 134a is used primarily in medium-temperature (> 2°C) applications, such as vending machines, cooling cases, and ice cream servers. For low-temperature applications, Forane® 407A and Forane® 507A provide efficient cooling in applications such as freezers, display cases, and ice machines.

Comfort and commercial air conditioning

Comfort air conditioning applications include a wide range of systems, from small room air conditioners to unitary systems, serving the cooling requirements from residential needs through large commercial applications. Currently, Forane® 22  is the refrigerant option employed by most manufacturers in residential and commercial air conditioning. Although HCFC-22 is the preferred refrigerant in these applications, it has a limited lifetime due to changing environmental regulations and the phase-out obligation set by the Montreal Protocol which is almost complete in non-article 5 countries and now starting in article 5 countries.


To accommodate the phase-out of HCFC-22, Arkema is providing HFC alternatives, which have no phase-out date and are more environmentally sustainable than HCFCs, such as Forane® 427A.


Forane® 407C, a refrigerant blend of HFC-32, 125, and 134a, has thermodynamic and performance properties similar to HCFC-22. Although Forane® 407C's properties are comparable to HCFC-22, the overall performance is slightly less than HCFC-22 in similar applications. Forane® 427A, a refrigerant blend of HFC-32, 125, 134a, and 143a, also has thermodynamic properties similar to HCFC-22. Forane® 427A works well with residual mineral oil and is suggested for retrofits of HCFC-22 in air conditioning systems.


Forane® 410A, a refrigerant blend of HFC-32 and 125, has comparable properties as well as superior performance compared to HCFC-22 and is already being used by most manufacturers as the refrigerating fluid in their newest units. Due to the superior properties of Forane® 410A and the upcoming phase-out of HCFC-22, Forane® 410A is the leading replacement for HCFC-22 in comfort air conditioning systems.

Building and facility air conditioning

For centrifugal and screw chiller applications, CFC-11, CFC-12, and HCFC-22 were used in the past as the primary refrigerant fluids. Due to the mandated phase-out of CFCs and the upcoming phase-out of HCFC-22, Forane® 134a and R-123 are now being used as replacements in chiller applications. These refrigerants are currently being used effectively for new and retrofitted systems, providing safe and efficient cooling for these types of applications.

Transport refrigeration

Refrigerated trucks and containers provide a unique challenge for cooling systems. These applications are used in extreme weather conditions requiring the refrigeration system to be flexible enough to operate in a wide variety of conditions. For these applications, Arkema recommends using Forane® 134a, Forane® 404A, or Forane® 507A.

For medium-temperature applications, Forane® 134a provides the best cooling capacity and efficiency through this particular temperature range. For low temperature applications, Forane® 404A and Forane® 507A are the best options using HFC technology. Using Forane® 134a, Forane® 404A, and Forane® 507A in transport refrigeration provides the user with safe and efficient refrigerating fluids, which can be purchased throughout the world from any of Arkema's worldwide distributors.

New vehicles

Forane® 134a has been the standard refrigerant used in all mobile air conditioning applications since the phaseout of R12. Applications using Forane® 134a include mobile systems in cars, buses, trucks and agriculture vehicles. Forane® 134a meets all safety and quality specifications defined by ASHRAE 34 and ARI-700.